EcoTech Software: Offering An End-To-End Solution For the Textile Industry (Gst Ready)

CIO Vendor ERP systems are gaining extensive interest from entrepreneurs. An ERP system allows an organization to run a synchronized configuration that connects all the business processes. It helps enterprises to gain a competitive advantage by saving resources and responding to a transforming business environment. Many companies don’t realize the time consumption of an ERP implementation process. An ERP system is implemented step by step and because it is very standard, it needs to be designed for a particular business, to handle the processes just the way the company needs them.

Stage, an ERP Software created by Ecotech, headquartered in Chennai offers an end-to-end solution for all the departments in the apparel and textile industry. STAGE is known for its low time and cost of implementation. STAGE software gives complete control of the purchase and inventory. The software also has a continuous R&D program that takes care of building in new features and business intelligence so that their clients are never left behind. APS Velu, CEO, Ecotech Software explains, “Stage manages the inventory of apparel manufacturing organizations at all levels. It keeps a track of raw materials, finished goods,WIP,fixed assets,processed goods, cut panels, etc. The product goes through multiple quality checks which assure excellence at all times.”

The software gives control on purchase through budgeting,which in turn reduces the overall cost for the buyer. He can place an order keeping in mind the existing stock,purchase approvals based on
value and automatic prompt to the person in-charge whenever a change in specification occurs. Stage gives complete Inventory control from Quality Check, Rejecting excess supply, automatic debits for shortage, to linking Finance and automatic and controlled issues for work orders.

STAGE is known for its low time and cost of implementation

The software has a dashboard to track the status of all the running orders, highlighting incomplete actions giving Time and Action control and automatic prompts, pushing people to complete tasks and orders to save time in air freight and cancellation. “Stage automatically generates the stylewise profitability for every order. STAGE Software offers excellent price performance advantage compared to other major ERP solutions. Because of 23 years of evolution, most of the best business practices are incorporated and hence it involves minimum customization and time to implement,” states APS Velu.

What differentiates Stage is the time it takes to get implemented; that is lower than most ERP softwares in the market. The people behind Stage software understand clients’ requirements better as they have years of experience in business application development and apparel industry. The clients don’t need to worry about outdated technologies as Stage employs best technology and business practices which make requirement for customization minimal. The company is already a leading player in the textile industry and aims to become a major global player in providing ERP Software for the manufacturing sector in five years.