BlueJade TexInk: Ensuring Quality Output via Digital Printing

CIO Vendor The textile sector has been perceived as one of the oldest industry in the Indian economy estimated to reach USD 223 billion by 2021. A labour intensive sector, it is one of the largest contributors to India’s exports as well. However, despite this progress, the industry is still transitioning from an unorganized sector utilizing traditional and conventional tools to an organized sector gradually adopting modern machinery and techniques. India differs from the global market in terms of the specific customer requirements, adhering to varied climate conditions, quantity and quality that foreign ink manufacturers penetrating into the Indian market fail to cater to. Perfectly equipped to address the Indian consumer’s demands with tailor made solutions and ensuring quality, Surat based BlueJade TexInk, a newly founded water based inkjet dye ink manufacturer, facilitates organizations with their state-of-the-art technology and equipments in producing sublimation, reactive and disperse inks for Epson, Kyocera, Konica Minolta and Spectra print heads.

Additionally, the solution offered assures no toxic emission, another plus point. Maintaining ISO standards, the company boasts of a class ten clean room that has the perfect environment for ink production that strictly observes certain rules to avoid ink contamination. Applying the latest digital printing technology and upgraded ink products, Bluejade has two labs under its umbrella of services; an R&D(Research and Development) lab and a quality check lab. Research is conducted to deliver innovative products and with customer feedback,the highly adept team of professionals continually experiment and develop better products gearing for the unforeseeable future.In conjunction with this,the quality check lab located in the production facility runs ink tests with machines, monitoring the smooth functioning in diverse climate and
atmosphere post which the ink is prepared for packaging and release.“We also employ the best brains for our R&D division and the best equipment, dye and raw material available. There is no compromise in our quality check,”affirms Neeraj Duggal, CEO, BlueJade TexInk.

Applying the latest digital printing technology and upgraded ink products, Bluejade has two labs under its umbrella of services; an R&D (Research and Development) lab and a quality check lab

With a goal to assist customers to begin digital textile printing with comprehensive support encompassing quality entry level printers, it provides inks and other consumption medias, pre and post treatment chemicals,and engineer training service. These inks and machines are accompanied by certification that can be used for any export printing. Fully acknowledging that digital textile printing has a steep adoption curve, BlueJade TexInk promotes forums and conclaves conducted through associations and sponsorships. An amalgamation of speakers from various countries and a broad range of value added services in the textile realm are invited to put the digital industry on the map.

Believing themselves to be in a technology driven market, Neeraj is enthralled by their advancements in the segment converting their nine percent sales into a 16 percent market share over the span of just a year and a half. Perfectly poised to only move forward in the textile segment, BlueJade TexInk envisions increasing their global footprint in the years to come.