Browntape: Helping Sellers Grow their E-Commerce Business through Customized Omni-Channel Solutions

CIO Vendor 2016 will witness price wars in the e-commerce domain that will leave small businesses hurt as they do not have the necessary power to compete with mid-sized and large competitors. Having said so, it cannot be denied that the large sellers will also bear the brunt of this war, what with the pressure of offering free shipping on nearly every order that makes the price and shipping competition a real problem. Understanding this plight of sellers, Browntape provides cloud-based software that helps online sellers to manage their orders and inventory from one place without the need to log in to each market-place’s seller panel separately. The product pulls orders from the market places into a single panel so that the seller can complete the entire order processing, invoicing and dispatch from the Browntape panel itself.

Browntape intends to continue to help sellers manage their e-commerce business smoothly

Browntape also allows the sellers to list their complete inventory in all market places and automatically handles the inventory reductions everywhere. This helps the seller avoid the hassles of inventory allocations, out of stock issues, etc.
“Moreover, we can integrate Browntape with the sellers’ backend ERP for seamless orders and inventory synching. This helps not just in data processing but also in audit compliance, governance and MIS. Essentially when it comes to orders, the market places act as the master and for inventory, the ERP acts as the master,” says Krishnan Subramanian, VP - Enterprise Technology Browntape.

Basket of Customized Offerings
Browntape offers three sets of offerings that the clients can chose from depending on the maturity of their e-commerce operations. The first offering is where clients can outsource their e-commerce business to Browntape who then takes care of the whole process except for warehousing and dispatch. This is especially useful for sellers who have a large offline presence and are just beginning their e-commerce journey. The second offering is a Do It Yourself model, wherein the clients can buy a SaaS license and use the software on their own. The third offering is for large brands and institutional sellers with unique requirements around technology and back-end integrations. As part of outsourcing their e-commerce operations to Browntape, sellers can avail Browntape’s services for account opening, cataloging, listing, day-to-day order processing, promotions management, reputation management, etc. Browntape is also working with select brands to provide an Omni-channel experience, wherein the orders placed online can be delivered by offline stores.

With clients like Valentine, IFB Industries and TTK Prestige, Browntape intends to continue to help sellers manage their e-commerce business smoothly. “As the e-commerce industry grows, seller's needs also morph from order aggregation & inventory management to providing a compelling buying experience. With a suite of offerings and Omni-channel solutions, Browntape is uniquely placed to help sellers achieve this transition,” concludes Krishnan.